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A complete list of my professional development work over the years.

Preview of the Hypixel Store landing page in two available color scheme, dark and light, featuring some category buttons

Hypixel Store

Preview of the Hypixel Wiki landing page featuring an introduction and a collection of category buttons

Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki

Preview of the Hypixel Support landing page featuring a search field and category buttons

Hypixel Support

Preview of the Hypixel Status page showing a green "All Systems Operational" banner and a list of all services

Hypixel Status

Preview of the Hypixel Forums landing page showcasing a recent news article

Hypixel Forums

Preview of the Deserted Island Name Generator landing page featuring the island name output field and category checkboxes

Deserted Island Name Generator

Preview of the tidychat landing page featuring the logo, an input field, and two output fields


Preview of the Bongo Cat landing page featuring bongo cat hovering it's paws over a set of realistic-looking bongos

Bongo Cat