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Hypixel Store

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A refined e-commerce experience for customers of the Hypixel Server Network.

The Hypixel Store is an e-commerce website for customers of the Hypixel Server Network. It was built using Tebex, Twig, and jQuery.

After undergoing a major redesign in late 2022, this website added support for the operating system-governed color schemes, as well as full mobile responsiveness and improved accessibility following the WCAG 2.1 guidelines. It was also modified to serve assets based on individual visitor demands such as differing dots-per-inch (DPI) resolutions.

As the project manager, UI/UX researcher/designer, and web developer, I was able to effectively materialize common e-commerce UI/UX concepts and improve accessibility for all customers. This project required the coordination of many types of contractors, such as artists and customer support agents, to produce the highly-refined result you can shop at today.

Read the official release announcement on the Hypixel forums.